Blog revision updates (April 2018)

MacBook, coffee mug, and cactus

Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s an update on the changes I’ve made to the blog since last December.

Featured images

Using CSS, I’ve flushed to the right the featured images used on the blog’s main page. I’ve also resized the images to a smaller size. I thought about aligning them to the left, but testing that caused a few spacing issues.

I’ve also been going through older posts and resizing featured images to a 16 x 9 size ratio. I wanted a more consistent image size for featured images. Also, the “HD TV” size looks a bit better than the 4 x 3 sized ones, or some other oddly-sized images.

Regarding consistent image size, I’ve also replaced some older posts’ featured images with ones that’re larger (fitting the actual post width). Some images were also portrait-sized, which now look a bit odd; I’ve replaced those with landscape-sized images.

I’m also still trying to use Creative Commons-sourced featured images as often as possible.

Sidebar adjustments

Speaking of images, I’ve added thumbnails to the popular posts section of the sidebar, using the plug-ins “Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails” and “WordPress Popular Posts.” I thought having thumbnails next to the links might draw more attention.

The latter plug-in also lets me automate the popular posts updates, which seems to be working OK so far. Before, I was manually updating the week’s most popular blog posts based on manually checking Google Analytics data.

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