Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for October 2010

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Updated on December 10, 2021

As mentioned previously, I’m adding Marvel and Archie to the monthly “Anthony’s picks,” given how much my DC reading’s dwindled/how my reading of other stuff’s picked up. So here’s this month’s picks for Archie for October 2010 (both dates listed as comic shop/newsstand availability).

Plan on buying

  • Life With Archie: Dec 2010 issue (#4), on sale Nov. 3/Nov. 16, $4
  • Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest #146, on sale Nov. 3/Nov. 16, $4
  • World of Archie Double Digest #1, on sale Oct. 13/Oct. 26, $4

Might consider buying

  • Archie and Friends #148 (part 1 of 6 of “New Kids” storyline), on sale Oct. 13/Oct. 26, $3
  • Archie #614 (part 2 of 6 of “New Kids” storyline), on sale Oct. 20/Nov. 2, $3
  • Betty & Veronica #250 (part 3 of 6 of “New Kids” storyline), on sale Oct. 27/Nov. 9, $3


No Jughead issues this month apparently.

Looks like they borrowed a page from DC and Marvel in having a few extended crossover storylines—a six-part “New Kids” storyline (about new kids packing Riverdale High) is crossing over among all the major 22-page Archie comic titles (save “Veronica”, which is wrapping up its own previously-running crossover story).

As noted previously, the regular-sized digests are being replaced by double digests. This month sees “World of Archie Double Digest” debut, replacing the old “Archie Digest.”

To add to the above, here’s a link to what was announced by Archie today at the San Diego Comic Con. It looks like they plan on bringing back (of all characters) an updated “L’il Jinx,” stories about a rambunctious little girl. There’s also some more digest changes—along with the aforementioned “World of Archie,” we’ll be seeing “Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest” replaced by “Archie and Friends Double Digest.” While the two titles sound awfully similar, my guess is that “Archie and Friends Double Digest” will mostly be restricted to the immediate circle of friends of Archie (Dilton, Moose, Chuck, etc.) like the regular comic, while “World of Archie” will cover the wider range of Archie characters (Sabrina, Josie and the Pussycats, etc.).

Finally, we’ll be seeing the debut of “Betty & Veronica and Friends Double Digest,” the replacement for the “Betty & Veronica Digest.” Not sure how “B&V and Friends DD” will differ from the “Betty and Veronica Double Digest” that already exists (and I assume will stay published), though I’m guessing the “Friends” one will feature more stories with secondary female Archie characters (Josie, Katy Keene, etc.), with the regular DD just having more B&V stories?

Yes, all speculation, but if anyone has any better suggestions what sort of material will be in which publication, let me know…

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