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Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for August 2013

Disturbingly Awful MADRounding out this month’s picks is what’s of interest from various random comic companies/comic strip compilations. Apologies for this not being longer, but I didn’t find much that struck my interest for this month’s installment.

Comic strips

  • Disturbingly Awful MAD, on sale Aug. 13, $13


Dark Horse features Art Baltazar and Franco (of “Tiny Titans”/”Superman Family Adventures” fame) working on a kid-friendly miniseries version of “Hellboy,” entitled “Itty Bitty Hellboy.” Yep, a kids’ comic despite his name staying intact…and not changed to “Heckboy” or somesuch. At any rate, here’s a Newsarama interview Baltazar and Franco did last month, where they discuss their current and future work, including their own effort, “Aw Yeah Comics.

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