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A new MacBook for “FoxTrot,” plus a history of Apple tech in the strip

iPad and newspaper

Updated on December 10, 2021

Bill Amend’s comic strip “FoxTrot,” as part of keeping up with evolving technology (and the nature of the strip’s sliding timeline), usually shows the Fox family upgrading their computer every several years or so. Being a Mac fan, Amend also shows the Fox family always using a Mac, or in newer strips, an “iFruit.”

An upgrade might’ve happened again today: while Roger in an October 2012 strip mentioned a laptop, as of today’s strip, it’s confirmed that the Fox family now have a MacBook (or iFruit laptop analog), in addition to their usual desktop.

I’d imagine Andy and Roger have finally decided they needed to have a second computer around, like many families nowadays. In the Fox family’s case, it’d be due to how much Jason always hogs their traditional desktop.

Andy’s MacBook model isn’t indicated, but with no slot for a DVD drive visible, it looks like it might be a MacBook Air.

The Fox family’s Macs/iFruits

Think iFruity
Art by Bill Amend

This makes Apple/Apple-analogue computer #7 for the Fox family since the strip began in 1988. The previous models:

  • An Apple II series computer (the earliest strips from the late 80s)
  • A Mac SE or Plus (switched to in the early 90s)
  • A two-piece Mac of some sort, probably an LC, Centris, Performa, or late Mac II series model (appeared through the mid-90s)
  • An original-model CRT “iFruit” (a parody of the multicolored early iMacs, obtained in 1999)
  • A white LCD iFruit; first appeared in 2007
  • An aluminum LCD iFruit, introduced in 2011 (presumably the desktop still in use)

Other devices

In addition to the computers, the Fox family’s also gained a few other modern devices, which’d further lessen the annoyance of Jason’s death-grip on their desktop:

  • The entire Fox family each have a cell phone, and as of 2014 they all seem to be some form of smartphone. Cell phone jokes in the strip go back to the 90s, however. Roger’s first cell phone in the 90s made for a memorable storyline: a ludicrously giant-sized model, missing the point of a cell phone. Of course, Roger’s loose grasp of technology is a long-running gag in the strip.
  • The kids have been seen using an iPad in recent strips. Presumably, they’re borrowing the one Andy received for Christmas in 2011.

(Updated 1/12/17)

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