Sources of free LGBTQ friendly stock photos

While June is LGBT Pride Month, free LGBTQ-themed stock photos are useful year-round. Here’s some sources of Creative Commons-licensed photos and stock images that’re LGBTQ-positive.


Pixabay offers images under a CC0 (public domain) license. Stock clip art, including of pride flags, icons, etc. are also available, which is a nice aspect alongside the photographs. If you need an image of a pride flag (either art-based or photo-based), Pixabay’s a decent source.

On the down side, Pixabay (from my searching) doesn’t have many photos featuring LGBTQ people of color.

By default, a few of the images are hidden due to content reasons.

Flickr (CC BY license) (CC0 public domain dedication) (CC public domain mark)

Flickr features plenty of LGBTQ Creative Commons photos. Many of them are from various Pride festivities. Some also feature people of color, though again a lot of these (at least from my searching) were tied to Pride fest photos.

I listed three links above, as Flickr offers a range of Creative Commons categories. However, the CC BY license contains the bulk of the images. As for the other two, the difference between CC0 and CC public domain mark is the latter is meant for images that fell into public domain, or were never under copyright originally.

Flickr labels some photos as “mature”/”adult” content (mainly nudity/partial nudity). These photos require logging in with a Flickr account to view.


There’s some other sources of photos, though most require paying:

  • 123RF. They sell stock photos, including some featuring LGBTQ people of color.
  • Stocksy. Features royalty-free stock photos, including LGBTQ people of color.
  • Wikimedia Commons also has some stock LGBTQ themed photos, though their quality and exact copyright/Creative Commons license may vary.


Hopefully the above is useful. If you happen to know of any other Creative Commons or public domain based sources of photos, please let me know in the comments.

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