Sources of stock photos featuring people of color

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I’ve written before about free, Creative Commons-sourced photos before. However, some want to know where to find stock photos that prominently feature people of color. Discussions I’ve seen on Twitter and elsewhere show there’s a demand for such stock images. While one could do a search for such via Google Images, Flickr, etc., it’d be nicer to go to someplace that has such photos already selected and organized.

Below are some sources of diverse stock images. A few are taken from a Twitter thread and the blog Ask Welmoed (now offline?).

Women of Color in Tech (WOCinTech)

Man at computer (PicNoi)
Photo by PicNoi (PicNoi / CC0)

Women of Color in Tech is a site that provides an online space for women and non-binary people of color interested in tech. They’ve also extended this area of interest to stock photography. WOCinTech offers on its Flickr page various images of women using computers and other technology. They’re all available to use under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.

Creative Commons itself ran an interview with the site’s owners, Stephanie Morillo and Christina Morillo (no relation).


PicNoi is a website offering free stock images of people of color doing various things, including using technology. The license says photos are free for use, though it’s not clear whether they’re still licensed under Creative Commons.



Nappy is a site offering free photos of people of color in various settings and activities. The photos are licensed under Creative Commons’ public domain license (CC0).

Creative Commons photos

Creative Commons’ search engine is available for finding photos that are licensed under Creative Commons or public domain. Said photos are pulled from a variety of sources.

Flickr Creative Commons photos

Similarly, Flickr offers a broad range of Creative Commons licensed and public domain photos.

BRWN Stock Imaging

A site that offers for sale stock photos featuring people of color.


Where do you like to turn to for stock photos? Do you have any other sites to recommend? Let everyone know in the comments below.

(Updated 11/3/19)

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    Great post! Have you checked out yet? We are one of the leading stock photography contributors, and now we’re giving away lots of images for free. We have lots of photos of people of diverse ethnicities and LGBT. It would be amazing if you could add us to your list. :)

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