6 favorite Chrome browser extensions

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One of the best things about Google’s Chrome browser is the ability to extend its functionality with extensions. Recent years have seen an increase in web-based tools. However, it’s still useful to have features added to the browser itself.

Below is a list of Chrome extensions I enjoy using. Note some of these are also available (or have counterparts) for Firefox. All are available for installation from the Chrome Web Store. They also work across operating systems on all Chrome browsers.


Flashcontrol is a Chrome extension that allows one to block any and all usage of Flash on websites. Certain trusted sites can be whitelisted to always run Flash. The extension can also turn Flash on or off on individual sites.

Flash has become one of the most hated aspects of online life. Among Flash’s various flaws are that it can be a security threat. Flash as a web plugin is finally dying, and is being increasingly replaced by the more open HTML5 standard. However, Flash is still needed on some sites.


LastPass is the popular online-based password manager. The LastPass Chrome extension lets you directly access your passwords. You can also create new ones, edit or delete old ones, and other functions.

Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest’s Save Button extension allows one to “pin” any picture on any site one’s visiting. This saves the trouble of copying and pasting a URL into Pinterest’s website.

Pocket/Save to Pocket

Pocket allows one to save any website to the web-based bookmark service. This makes it easier to go back and read an article at a later time, especially if one’s too busy to read it right away.

Tunnelbear VPN

I’ve written about Tunnelbear before in a previous post. The VPN service offers easy access via its Chrome extension.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an ad blocker that works quite well at blocking intrusive ads. It’s also supposedly more lightweight versus AdBlock/AdBlock Plus.

What Chrome extensions are your favorites?

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  1. Screencastify is really good, it’s a super simple extension for screen recording. I use it to create tutorial videos and explainer videos for clients. The free version was good for me, but I upgraded eventually to increase the recording time past 10 minutes.

  2. In addition to LastPass, here are ten Chrome add-ons that I really like: Evernote Web Clipper, Google Art Project, Google Cast, Google Mail Checker, Highly Highlighter, Honey, Hypothesis, Instapaper, Reddit Check, Tweets Counter for Twitter.

  3. Rather idiotic move on Google’s part to remove apps – effectively putting thousands of programmers in the poor house – now the browser is really more of an “”also ran”” – do we all really want a large number of little tiny icons up in the right hand corner where we have to remember what each is – Google is loosing it’s soul and even it’s employees have begun to wonder what kind of corps they are actually working for, especially after Google recently decided that it was a good idea to be a part of a murderous military contract…?

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