“My Cage” is back as a webcomic

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My Cage“My Cage” (by Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power) was a newspaper comic strip that I enjoyed during its 2007-2010 run in newspapers. Set in a world where only anthropomorphic animals live (humans having gone extinct many millennia ago), the strip focused on Norman, a platypus who’s stuck in a dysfunctional office. Unlike “Dilbert,” however, the characters in said office were actually allowed to change a bit over time. The same could be said for Norman, who ended up getting married to his girlfriend, a dog named Bridget. Norm also lives with his pet amoeba Squishy (giant amoebas serve as non-sentient doglike pets in this world).

Also similar to the 80s DC Comic “Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew,” the world the characters live in feature animal-themed puns for celebrities, politicians, etc., similar to the Zoo Crew’s Earth-C.

One of my favorite “My Cage” strips is this one, with Norm summing up his two coworkers’ relationship (mean-spirited Violet and egoistical Rex, a chihuahua and doberman respectively) as “barely ‘Alien vs. Predator'” (and not “When Hairy Met Sally”).

After the strip’s cancellation, I figured it’d be the last I’d see of the characters. However, in 2015, the strip’s made a comeback online. “My Cage” is now available with some new strips (mixed with classic ones) on GoComics. It’s also available (plus some extra material) through the creators’ Patreon page. Fortunately, the strip picked up on where its storyline left off, with Norm and Bridget expecting their first child.

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  1. As I become a webcomic artist, I find the lives of other webcomic artists very intriguing. Like this situation with Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power ending the traditional syndication of their strip. Taking time off, and then coming back as a webcomic on Patreon. I’m betting the 7x/week schedule was really intense.

  2. I like your thoughts on My Cage in 2007-2010 newspaper strip and since 2015 Patreon webcomic form, Anthony. I am hoping that Norm and Bridget’s child will be born in the My Cage webcomic episodes sometime in the next few weeks and months.

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