Comixology and Amazon accounts to merge

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Amazon, the owners of dominant digital comics vendor Comixology, has announced plans to merge Comixology and Amazon accounts. While optional for now, in the future it’ll be required for Comixology users to register and log in using their Amazon accounts. In turn, Comixology users will be able to access their Kindle digital comic purchases through a new section in its app.

I suppose it was inevitable that Amazon would want to merge Comixology and its usual Amazon store. Still, a few others have expressed concerns about aspects of this account merger. As Comics Worth Reading notes, it’s odd that you’ll be able to read Kindle comics on Comixology, but not the reverse (Comixology purchases in the Kindle app). I also imagine it won’t please those who still dislike Amazon having bought Comixology awhile ago, though those users do have alternative services available.

For myself, I don’t mind the merger, though I only have a few Kindle comics purchases. Have you merged your accounts yet?

Flickr Creative Commons photo by Pat Loika (CC BY)

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  1. I have not merged my Amazon and Comixology accounts yet. Although I did notice the other day the Comixology app gave me two options to sign in. I loggged in with my Comixology account, because logging into Comixology using Amazon just seemed odd to me at the time.

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