Comic strips and webcomics I’m reading (fall 2015)

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Recently, my comic strip reading’s shifted heavily from newspaper comic strips to webcomics. Of course, I’ve been reading newspaper comics online for years, not having subscribed to a print newspaper in quite awhile. Still, my newspaper strip reading has been on a decline, between a drop in interesting newspaper strips, too many “dinosaur” strips still being published, and an increase of interesting webcomics.

While some feel the term “webcomic” is dated or shouldn’t be used, I still feel it has a use. While newspaper strips are all available for reading online, they’re still distinct enough in style, content, diversity, etc. from primarily or exclusively web-only comics that “webcomics” (for now) still has a use. That said, yes, all webcomics are comic strips—but ones with much more creative and formatting freedom.

Here’s the newspaper comic strips and webcomics I’ve been regularly reading. I’ve also included a few strips that still primarily appear in weekly “alternative” newspapers, though they’re also syndicated to various websites.

Daily newspaper comics

  • Monty
  • Pearls Before Swine

Weekly newspaper comics


That makes 13 out of 19, or over two-thirds, of the strips I’ve been reading being webcomics. Another four strips are weekly and/or alternative newspaper strips, though heavily distributed online. Only two strips are the traditional daily newspaper comic, and one of those, “Monty,” is apparently a bit obscure.

What comic strips do you read?

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  1. I don’t read any regular newspaper strips any more. As an FYI, I have noted major genres, themes, and diverse characters. The webcomics I read regularly are, in alphabetical order:

    3 Minute Max (superhero)
    Bear Nuts (the OTHER Care Bears; cynical comedy, often violent)
    Blindsprings (fantasy; mostly female; character Street is black)
    Buying Time (Sometimes NSFW; science fiction and gay romance; one of the main characters is black)
    Dark White (fantasy)
    Dead Winter (zombie apocalypse)
    Ensanguine (science fiction)
    Everblue (fantasy, tho’ it might also be post-climate change post-apocalypse fiction)
    Far to the North (fantasy)
    Gaia (fantasy)
    Galaxion (science fiction)
    Girls With Slingshots (which is in repeats, but in color; rom-com/slice of life, diverse cast)
    Gunnerkrigg Court (fantasy)
    JL8 (the Justice League as 8-year-olds, usually comedic; John Stewart appears in the Green Lantern Scout troop and elsewhere)
    Kamikaze (science fiction; main character is half-black, half Japanese … I think)
    Lackadaisy Cats (anthropomorphic felines in 1920’s/1930’s alternate history)
    Magellan (superhero – HUGE cast)
    Mare Internum (science fiction; main character is gay)
    The Meek (fantasy)
    Not a Villain (post-apocalypse; most characters are uploaded to a game, and one complains about the lack of diversity in skin tones at one point)
    Sandra on the Rocks (rom-com in all combinations; often very close to NSFW, particularly in later strips; current story has a black lesbian trying to hit on Sandra, who is clueless)
    Spindrift (fantasy)
    Strong Female Protagonist (superhero; current story has a black female super-scientist)
    Suihira: The City of Water (fantasy)
    Supervillainous (superhero comedy; main character’s accountant is a black woman and wannabe supervillain)
    What It Takes (post-apocalypse; multiple diverse characters, including main character Peter, who is half Japanese)
    Wilde Life (modern day fantasy)
    White Noise (science fiction) (epigraphic comedy)
    The Young Protectors (superhero and gay romance; two members of the team are black)
    Zombie Roomie (zombies and rom-com; the brother of one main character just married his black boyfriend)

    I read more than these; the others may or may not be skipped, though, until I decide to binge.

    Many of these are violent, most are not comedic, and most are light on diversity; that said, most also have at least one diverse character (even where I haven’t mentioned one).

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