Teletoon Retro to shut down September 1, 2015

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While I’m not Canadian, I have kept tabs occasionally on the goings-on with Canada’s premiere animation cable channel, Teletoon. For years, it’s been the main analog of Cartoon Network in Canada—until recently, Canada’s been a noteworthy standout that didn’t have an actual Cartoon Network version.

Just as Cartoon Network has a sibling channel Boomerang, since 2007 Teletoon also has had a sibling channel, Teletoon Retro. Like Boomerang, it mainly aired classic animated programs, plus a handful of more recent shows. Like its parent channel, Teletoon Retro also has a French-language version.

However, that looks to be changing. Teletoon’s owners plan to shut down Teletoon Retro as of September 1, 2015. The reason cited in a FAQ:

After a regular business review, we decided to make some strategic changes to our channel lineup, including the discontinuation of TELETOON RETRO.  We believe these changes are the most effective way to service our audiences. Corus remains committed to providing high quality, award winning programming for Canadian kids and their families.

However, the most prominent classic shows will supposedly find a new home on Teletoon proper:

Some of your TELETOON RETRO favourites, like Looney Tunes, The Bugs & Tweety Show, ScoobyDoo, The Smurfs, The Flintstones and more will be moving to TELETOON.  Please visit in September for specific schedule details.

I presume those shows will be either aired throughout the day mixed with the newer shows, or aired in its own block similar to how Cartoon Network once featured a “Boomerang on Cartoon Network” classic block on Saturday mornings in the mid-2000s.

Of course, that leaves the other shows on Retro’s lineup—the ones that weren’t the all-time classics—up in the air. I assume they’ll either be seen sporadically on Teletoon, etc., or like older shows in the US, be considered as something for animation fans to buy on DVD.

There’s a few other possible reasons for Teletoon’s changes. It looks like Canada’s recently approved big changes to how cable channels are regulated. (Unlike the US, Canadian cable TV is more strictly regulated/licensed by the country’s broadcast regulator CRTC.) CRTC has approved of à la carte cable TV channels and unbundling required packages, starting in 2016. As such, there’s currently a bit of a scramble by broadcasters to rearrange aspects of some of their cable channels, especially less popular channels. Thus, I wonder if Corus (Teletoon’s owner) wants to focus more on their higher-profile channels.

Another possible reason for killing off Teletoon Retro: a Canadian version of the Disney Channel is debuting on September 1, with Corus as the channel’s Canadian operator. (Corus also operates the Canadian versions of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, oddly enough.) I assume the new Disney Channel will air on the soon-to-be-empty channel slots Teletoon Retro filled. This also marks a big shakeup (and a lot of shows doing channel hopping) of kids’ TV in Canada, per Disney traditionally offering its shows to Canada’s Family channel. A few Family shows have aired here stateside, such as “Life With Derek” on Disney Channel in the 2000s.

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  1. I am a very angry consumer and demand to know why you have decided to change channels for these wonderful programs.

    Obviously you didn’t take the viewers feelings and opinions into consideration when decided this. Shame on you.

    1. Actually, I’m just a blogger, and an American one at that. I don’t work for Teletoon or its corporate owners. But I empathize with how you feel; I’m still annoyed Comcast (the dominant cable company here) doesn’t carry Boomerang, Teletoon Retro’s analog in most of the world.

    1. Some of the more popular Teletoon Retro shows (like Looney Tunes) should appear on Teletoon at some point. The old Retro channel’s space is probably being taken by the new Disney Channel. I don’t know if Cartoon Network will take up any old Retro shows at all.

    2. Yeah but guess what? The classics that we all love so much… gone. And in their place we are left with regurgitated computer animation and they’re calling it by their original name.
      We got ripped off.

      1. Most of the ‘regurgitated computer animation’ are original shows that are just as good (sometimes even better) than the classic shows (there were crappy shows back in the past, too; how come that doesn’t get you hot under the collar?)

  2. Not happy that there is no more teletoon retro. Don’t like the Cartoon Network at all horrible cartoons not kid friendly at all.

  3. I’m very angry, pissed off, extremely disappointed that teletoon retro has been cancelled.. Is there anything that a person or people can do in order to get it back? Cartoon Network sucks there’s nothing good on it and I completely agree that it’s not kid friendly. Teletoon is alright but not enough older shows are being played… What about those older adults that are kids at heart.. Where are we suppose to go? What are we suppose to do? If anybody has any suggestions please me know.

  4. I too was very disappointed to find out that teletoon retro was going off and it has been replaced by Cartoon Network which is in my opinion is a terrible replacement with unfunny and tacky shows on it which are definitely not kid friendly. I loved Teletoon Retro because it showed the cartoons I grew up with and brought out the kid in me which we all need to do from time to time. You made a bad choice that you will have to live with!

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