“Secret Wars” is the top selling comic for May 2015

May’s comic sales figures are now available. While DC and Marvel’s respective big crossovers “Convergence” and “Secret Wars” did well, it’s Marvel that dominated sales. “Secret Wars” #1 is the top-selling comic for May, per Comichron.

The top 10 comic sales are as follows:

RankTitlePricePublisherEstimated Sales
1Secret Wars #1$4.99Marvel527,678
2Bravest Warriors: Tales From the Holo John #1$4.99Boom502,737
3Secret Wars #2$4.99Marvel210,807
4Star Wars #5$3.99Marvel146,850
5Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1$4.99Marvel131,839
6A-Force #1$3.99Marvel114,528
7Old Man Logan #1$4.99Marvel114,184
8Darth Vader #5$3.99Marvel113,025
9Convergence #5$3.99DC103,219
10Convergence #6$3.99DC101,386

As noted above, Marvel’s “Secret Wars” is a not-so-secret success, as Marvel dominates most of the top 10 slots. “Secret Wars” also outsold DC’s coinciding “Convergence” event, which takes up the ninth and tenth place spots.

The one non-Big Two book in the top ten? “Bravest Warriors: Tales From the Holo-John,” a one-shot special based on the “Bravest Warriors” comic/online animated series. “Bravest Warriors” came in at #2, thanks to being a Loot Crate offering.

As for the trade paperback charts:

RankTitlePricePublisherEstimated Sales
1Batman: Earth One, vol. 2 (HC)$24.99DC16,702
2Night Nurse$7.99Marvel8,344
3Rat Queens, vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth$14.99Image8,115
4Southern Bastards, vol. 2: Gridiron$9.99Image5,143
5Civil War$24.99Marvel4,838
6Saga, vol. 4$14.99Image4,815
7Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past$19.99Viz4,751
8Deadpool, vol. 8: All Good Things$24.99Marvel4,113
9The Valiant$9.99Valiant4,113
10Saga, vol. 1$9.99Image3,999

Unlike with the single comics, it’s a more diverse group of books in the trade paperback section. While the top selling book is DC’s second volume of “Batman: Earth One,” the Big Two only take up four of the ten slots. Image, Valiant, and Viz fill out the rest.

Interestingly, “Night Nurse” is in the #2 slot. The book was a short-lived romance/medical drama/adventure title from the 70s; a few later books in the 90s and 2000s show the cast are now tending to wounded Marvel Universe superheroes. The trade paperback here collects the entire original series, plus a “Daredevil” issue that integrated them into the Marvel Universe proper. Fairly strong interest in what seems like an obscure 70s series; a sign romance comics can still be a draw?


  1. Diamond just released the top 300 comic book titles for May 2015.

    Combined estimated sales of Marvel’s first month of the ‘Secret Wars’ event (tie-ins and Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars included): 1777274
    Combines estimated sales of DC’s Convergence titles that are in the top 300 for May 2015 (only one title fell below top 100): 1732922
    Percent difference: 2.56%

    1. Hmm… Diamond’s sales show for May 2015, Marvel easily outsold DC by a sizable margin (including trade paperbacks, etc.). In dollar share, Marvel had 40.17% of sales vs DC’s 25.43%, while in unit shares, Marvel had 41.11% of sales to DC’s 26.04%.

      While Convergence sold well enough for DC, the headlines will still point to Secret Wars/Marvel being the top selling material in May, regardless (“Secret Wars” #1 by a lopsided margin at that).

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