Cartoon Network reclaims Adult Swim-occupied timeslots

Cartoon Network logoThe website Nick and More reports that starting November 11, Cartoon Network will regain an hour of time that was ceded in 2011 to Adult Swim.

Good news indeed… I assume Cartoon Network’s ratings have improved from their low point several years ago, and/or Adult Swim’s not made the most of the extra hour of programming. Since CN plans to air “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show” in the extra time, that should appeal to Adult Swim fans.

While the plan is to keep the new timeslot arrangement until the end of the year, hopefully Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s head honchos will let CN keep the time permanently come 2014.


  1. I miss king of the hill at 9 and 930, but they were chipping into 930 with the cleveland show anyway. they already do reruns of regular show and AT like 4 days a week before 9pm, i dont think they need another hour. i been changing the channel at 9, then switching back at 10 to see AS. thanks for the article, you are the only place i found talking about it.

  2. That is staright bull crap! King of the hill at 9 and 9 30 was the best decisions they had even made all year. It is not like they are showing anything we haven’t seen already. Like the above post, they messed it up anyway by giving cleveland that 9 30 spot. And that show isn’t really all that good. Maybe he should go back to family guy and give that spot permantly to bobs burger or give king of the hill its spot back. Kids need to be in bed at 9 anyway for school. Maybe during the summer time this would be appropriate. Is there anyway we can contact cartoon network about this? Or adult swim? Grown ups like their cartoons too. .why cut away our time.

    1. While I prefer Cartoon Network over Adult Swim, if you feel that strongly, you might try writing to Cartoon Network (through their website). The extended time for CN is through the end of the year, however; it remains to be seen if they’ll keep it in 2014.

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