Minorities in cartoons: Lightning

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This week’s “minorities in cartoons” entry is Lightning, a contestant on the fourth season of the Teletoon/Cartoon Network series “Total Drama Island,” dubbed “Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.” (Yes, there’s spoilers by the metric ton ahead; you’ve been warned.) Background Lightning is depicted largely as a stereotypical jock. He’s into various sports, but most … Read more

A look back over summer 2012’s blockbuster movies

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Since Labor Day’s coming this weekend, marking the effective end of the summer movie season, I may as well look back now on this summer’s blockbuster films, and follow up on my post from May about how this summer’s films did or didn’t do, based on the “Jay Sherman” Test. For detailed box office information, … Read more

Superman and Wonder Woman a couple? Yawn.

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The latest idea to come along in the bad fan fiction-like feel of the “New 52” DC Comics reboot (now celebrating its one-year anniversary) is the announcement that Superman and Wonder Woman will be dating each other, starting in “Justice League” #12. See Newsarama’s article for details. While I haven’t had problems with seeing the … Read more

Anthony’s trade paperback picks for November 2012

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Here’s the trade paperbacks and comic strip compilations of interest coming out for November 2012. Information taken from the separate comics posts, as well as Amazon.com (for the comic strips). Marvel Spider-Man: Trouble on the Horizon TPB, on sale Dec. 19, $17 Fantagraphics Walt Disney’s Donald Duck, vol. 2: A Christmas For Shacktown (HC), on … Read more

Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for November 2012

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Here’s what’s coming out from various miscellaneous comic companies for November 2012. IDW Full solicitations available here. Love and Capes: What to Expect #4 (of 6), $4 Popeye #7, $4 Boom Studios Full solicitations available here. Garfield #7, $4 Garfield vol. 1 TPB, $14, on sale Dec. 4 Comments From the “Love and Capes” cover, … Read more

Minorities in cartoons: “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast”

Kyle's Bed & Breakfast: Without Reservations book

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast,” a comic strip written and drawn by Greg Fox. Background The strip focuses on the goings-on at a gay-oriented bed and breakfast located on Long Island, run by the aforementioned Kyle. However, akin to the boarding house in “Bloom County,” most of the occupants … Read more

DC Comics timelines, part 1: Golden Age/Earth-2


While there’ve been some minor modifications (such as the various Superman origin story re-tellings in the past decade alone), overall there’s four major timelines (or universes) as far as I’m concerned: the Golden Age (or “Earth-2”); the Silver/Bronze Age (“Earth-1”); Post-Crisis (as in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”); and the current “New 52” books. I’ll start … Read more