Tech thoughts: Google’s Google+ push

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GoogleI don’t think I’ve written much about Google+, Google’s social network service, not having used it before. That, and a bit wary about signing up for it; while Facebook wins no awards for its handling of privacy, at least it’s not tied into our online lives to the degree that Google does. As it stands, I use Google’s myriad of services for: email; online calendar; YouTube; the ads that run on my site (though pondering removing said ads again…); my Android-powered smartphone; and as a search engine. Not sure I want to use it as a social network, too, or even if it’s worth it—while people seem to be signing up for Google+, it still seems to pale in membership size versus Facebook. That, and I only signed up for Facebook just last¬† year, and still have few “friends” on there… Twitter is my most frequently used social network site.

Still, Google seems determined to make Google+ not become the next Orkut/Buzz/Wave, so they’re going all out on trying to get people to sign up for Google+, even if registering for other online services Google offers. While I suppose they can do whatever they want (free services and all), seems kind of pushy. That said, some of what I’ve read about Google+ sounds a lot nicer than Facebook (the “circles” feature, better privacy controls—even despite Google’s recent changes to its privacy policies, etc.).

So I’ll close with asking: do any of you use Google+? Have you abandoned Facebook permanently in favor of “da Google,” use both, etc? And what do you mostly use Google+ for?

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