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Updated on December 10, 2021

Yes, it’s a “top 10” list, but hopefully a good one: 10 comics- and animation-related websites that I think are worth reading. The following are arranged in no particular order.

DC Women Kicking Ass


DCWKA is a Tumblr blog focusing on various comics and animation-related issues, particularly female characters in DC Comics and the treatment of women in comics/fandom in general. While its name and focus is primarily on DC Comics’ characters, it also covers some other companies’ characters, as well.

Comics Worth Reading


Johanna Draper Carlson’s site Comics Worth Reading is a long-running blog covering her thoughts about various comics issues, as well as reviews of various comics. Diversity issues are covered, as well as a fair amount of emphasis on manga, largely via the sister blog “Manga Worth Reading.” Animation and some live-action also get some focus, and Ms. Carlson’s husband’s own blog is also linked to on occasion.

The Mary Sue


The Mary Sue has been a long-standing online blog focusing on geekdom in general, including women in comics, animation, sci-fi, etc.

Recently, The Mary Sue merged with a more general site, “Geekosystem,” which saw TMS go through a few changes. Said changes (to the site’s header image, individuals writing for the site, etc.) have been met with some amount of online discussion on TMS’ future direction. For now, however, I’d rather give TMS the benefit of the doubt and assume things will be fine.

Comics Alliance


Comics Alliance is a popular general comics news and discussion site. Three features in particular stand out:

  • Kate or Die: A series of webcomics by Kate Leth about her experiences in comics.
  • Comics, Everybody: A series of comics explaining as clearly (and humorously) as possible the back stories of various comic characters, including various less-than-stellar things done with the characters. The strip’s aptly named.
  • Ask Chris: Chris Sims’ columns on various subjects, most of them managing to mention his favorite character, Batman, in some manner.

Comic Book Resources


Comic Book Resources in itself is a major general comics news site, and a source I often turn to for my “upcoming comics picks” posts. Other than the news, there’s a few features of particular interest:

  • Robot 6: A blog covering a range of comics items and news.
  • Comics Should Be Good: Another blog covering comics reviews and trivia, including looking at odd tidbits (such as abandoned or dropped plot points, etc.).



ToonZone is a site that covers various aspects of animation, as well as live-action entertainment and video games. There’s also a set of discussion forums.

The Outhouse


The Outhouse is a site focusing on comics-related news in a humorous manner. It’s also the home of the famed “Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?” counter, a counter showing the number of days since DC Comics did something showing odd, bizarre, or dubious judgement on their part.

Black Girl Nerds


Black Girl Nerds covers a range of geeky topics, including those relating to African-American women (and women/African-Americans in general).

Gay League


Gay League is a blog about LGBT-related comics news. It also has a regular feature covering LGBT characters in comics, ranging from Kevin Keller to John Constantine.

News From Me


News From Me is the blog of Mark Evanier, a longtime animation and comics writer. Evanier uses his blog to discuss various comics, animation, or news issues. He’ll also occasionally look back over aspects of his career or individuals in the entertainment industry he’s met.


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